Building a new home and moving into it is exciting. You may think that because your home is new, it doesn’t need a third-party home inspection. Even new homes aren’t built perfectly. The best builders might leave problems behind that a homeowner doesn’t notice in the first few months. It will cost you money to fix issues after your builder’s warranty has expired. It’s a good idea to get a builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month so you have time to make any repairs.

1. Your Builder Will Make Repairs

Any construction-related problems discovered during a builders warranty inspection will be addressed in accordance with your warranty conditions. Once the warranty period has expired, everything becomes your responsibility. This could result in expensive repair bills for some problems and defects.

2. Municipal Inspections Only Cover the Basics

Your home will be inspected by a county or city building official before you move in, however, this isn’t a comprehensive home inspection. Local building officials only inspect for adherence to building codes and municipal code inspectors are usually limited in their time spent on a site. They have several inspections scheduled in a single day.

3. Save Money with a Builder’s Warranty Inspections

A home inspection can save you tens of thousands of dollars in future repair bills. Any fixes that the builder is responsible for are made at no expense to you. It makes the most sense to order the builder’s warranty inspection just before your warranty expires.

You’ll be relieved to have the issues resolved right away, and you’ll have an easier time selling your property in the future. Schedule your inspection ahead of time so that the builder can fix any problems while your home is still under warranty.

4. A Builder’s Warranty Inspection Secures Your Investment

A builder’s warranty inspection is a good way to protect your investment. A home inspector will examine your home for problems that aren’t apparent to untrained eyes. In comparison to how much you’ve invested in your property, the cost of an inspection is negligible.

5. Fix Problems Before the Warranty Expires

Because your builder’s warranty normally lasts one year from the date of settlement, don’t wait until the last few days to schedule an inspection. One month before your warranty expires is the best time to have your inspection. This way you can inform the builder of any problems and have them repaired during the warranty period. Any underlying issues become your responsibility once the warranty has expired.

Call a home inspector to check your property for any problems related to the initial construction before your builder’s warranty expires.

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