Summertime is the season when the water bill is most expensive. Because of the hot and dry weather, homeowners often look for ways to use water efficiently without increasing the monthly amount they pay. Here are a few ways you can conserve water this summer.

Keep Drinking Water in the Fridge

An ice-cold glass of water is refreshing on a hot summer day. To help conserve water, keep a pitcher of water in the fridge. You’ll have cold water at the ready, and you won’t have to run the tap unnecessarily waiting for the water to cool off.

Laundry Habits to Conserve Water This Summer

Between gardening, working in the yard, and tackling home improvement projects, your clothes will surely get dirty this summer. One way to conserve water is to wait until you have a full load of laundry to run the machines. You’ll save water when you wash a large load compared to using the washer to handle several smaller loads.

Use cold water when washing clothes to save energy. Most modern washing machines clean clothes just as well in cold water. Not only will you lower the water bill, but you’ll keep your energy bills down since you won’t be using your water heater and generating excess heat.

Water Plants in the Morning

On hot summer days, moisture from the lawn and flower beds will evaporate quickly in the sun’s heat. To conserve water this summer, water the plants early in the morning before the sun reaches its peak. Doing so gives your plants time to absorb the water before it evaporates in the sunlight.

Daily Hygiene

Hygiene is a normal part of everyone’s daily routine. To conserve water, only run the tap when necessary. For example, turn the water on when brushing your teeth to moisten the toothbrush and then turn it off. There is no need to leave the faucet on while you brush your teeth. Use the water again when you’re ready to rinse.

Another way to save water when bathing is to brush your teeth, wash your face, shave, and clean your body in the shower. You’ll save time and water.

Conserve Water While Doing the Dishes This Summer

Conserving water during the summer is possible even when washing the dishes. Rather than running water the entire time you scrub, soak dirty dishes in a small tub of water while you clean and rinse others.

If you have a dishwasher, fill the appliance completely before starting the machine. A dishwasher is always more efficient than handwashing. Run your dishwasher with a full load at night to conserve water and keep your home from heating up during the day.

Follow these simple steps and make them a part of your daily routine to keep your water bill down during the hottest months of the year.

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