Though household clutter does not always affect your day-to-day activities, organizing and discarding things simplifies your life. Learning to declutter your home is a simple improvement that doesn’t require special tools or equipment. Here are some decluttering tips to help you relieve stress and free up more space.

Make a To-Do List for Your Home

Before you begin the decluttering process, make a list of rooms and spaces in your home that require work. Try to be specific. The kitchen drawers and cabinets may be overflowing with utensils, pots, and small appliances.

You might need to add the hallway closet, bathroom cabinet, and bedside table to your cleaning list. If the living room is primarily tidy, include areas in the room that gather clutter. Do the bookshelves need to be cleaned off? Maybe children’s toys accumulate under the couch, or remotes, video games, and magazines clutter the entertainment center.

Sorting to Declutter Your Home

Gather boxes and bins for organizing the clutter. Large plastic storage containers and cardboard boxes will help you sort your belongings. Create categories to group everything in an area. Here are a few suggested categories:


Garbage includes rubbish and things around the home that have zero value. These are damaged items or trash that cannot be recycled and may consist of condiment packets from restaurants, torn or stained clothing, junk mail, and expired pantry items.


A recycling bin will help you sort garbage and recyclable items. Use this bin to collect paper, plastic, glass, and metal cans. Check with your local recycling service to learn what types of materials they will accept.


This container will hold items to mend, such as pants missing a button or a shirt that needs tailoring. Collect belongings that need to be cleaned or restored in this bin.

Donate to Declutter Your Home

Use a cardboard box to hold items you don’t need but may be useful to another person or a charitable organization. Make time in your schedule to drop these off at a donation center when you run errands.

Things to Put Away

Collect items that belong elsewhere in the home in this container, for example, a coffee cup in the bedroom or a sweater in your home office.

Declutter Your Home by Using Available Spaces

There are plenty of spaces in your home to store and organize your belongings. Use areas like the space beneath a staircase, behind furniture, or on the wall.

Install shelves or cabinets to organize your belongings. Optimize wall spaces by using hooks in your kitchen for utensils, shelves in the closets to store shoes, coat hooks for jackets and bags, and cabinets to hold toiletries or craft supplies.

Decluttering improves the functionality of your living spaces because it helps you become better organized. You’ll have more free space in your home and will be able to quickly and easily find items you’re looking for.

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