Several projects and upgrades are essential to tackle when moving into a house. These might include significant upgrades and minor changes to make the space your own. Let’s look at a few of the most important things to do in the first year in your new home.

Things to Do After Moving Into Your New Home

Prioritize Essential Repairs for the First Year in Your New Home

Prioritize essential repairs around your house after moving in. This includes plumbing or electrical issues discovered during the home inspection, as they can impact your utility bills. Other necessary repairs include maintaining your home’s roof, insulation, and heating systems.

Maintain the Security System and Smoke Detectors

Safety and security are essential when moving to a new home. Because of this, test the security system and cameras. Check the location and placement of smoke detectors. They should be installed throughout the home, with devices in each bedroom and at least one on every floor of the house.

Customize Your Living Spaces in the First Year in a New Home

After moving in, you probably want to make changes to the living space. This might include adding plants, painting walls, and other small projects to personalize the home. When designing the interior, add as much natural light as possible to brighten the house and save on utility bills each month.

Meet Your Neighbors

Introduce yourself to the neighbors after you move in. Having a good relationship with people who live nearby helps you feel comfortable there, and you can learn about the community. Neighbors are the best people to ask for recommendations for a plumber or general handyperson, and you might make life-long friends.

Create a Homeowner’s Journal in the First Year in Your New Home

A homeowner’s journal is helpful to keep track of improvements to the property. This is a place to collect receipts and keep track of contact information for contractors who have worked on the home. This notebook is valuable in the future if you sell the house. You can pass it on to the new homeowner.

Plan Future Improvements and Upgrades

While you may be eager to improve, planning your upgrades helps you save time and money. Make a list of projects you’d like to complete and save pictures of features and decor you like. It’s never too early to create a budget for an improvement or upgrade. Start a saving account specifically for home improvements and emergency repairs. If a pipe bursts, you’ll be glad there is money set aside for this purpose.

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