According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of injuries among adults over 65, affecting one in four every year. Making your home safe for seniors is crucial to prevent accidents and keep elderly family members safe. Here are a few tips to boost safety for older adults.

Make a Home Safe for Seniors: Remove Tripping Hazards

Remove clutter, electrical cords, and throw rugs that can be a tripping hazard. Ensure the floors are flat and level, and repair uneven flooring and broken tiles. Arrange furniture in a way that allows easy movement.

Install Grab Bars and Handrails

Grab bars and handrails make it easier for seniors to move around the home, particularly in the bathroom and stairways. Install these supports in strategic locations: near the shower, toilet, bathtub, and stairs.

Improve Lighting to Make a Home Safe for Seniors

As we age, our vision deteriorates, making it challenging to navigate in poorly lit areas. Verify all areas in the home, including hallways, stairways, and entrances, are well-lit. Consider adding motion-activated lights to make it easy for seniors to move around the house without the need to find a light switch.

Install a Walk-In Shower

Showers with a step can be dangerous for seniors as they can trip and fall. A walk-in shower with a non-slip floor provides easy and safe access and helps an older family member remain independent longer.

Add a Stairlift to Improve Safety for Seniors

Climbing stairs can be challenging for seniors, and a stairlift provides a safe way to move between floors without falling.

Assess the Door Thresholds

Door thresholds can create a tripping hazard, and seniors – especially those who use a cane or walker – can easily stumble over them. Consider removing the thresholds or replacing them with low-profile versions.

Ensure Accessibility to Make a Home Safe for Seniors

Make sure the home is easily accessible by removing barriers like steps, narrow doorways, and uneven flooring. Ramps, wider doors, and clear walkways allow older adults to navigate the living spaces easily.

Add a Home Security System

A home security system offers peace of mind, especially if your senior family member lives alone. Choose one that will alert emergency services in case of an accident or intruder.

Creating a safe home environment for elderly adults is critical to prevent accidents and injuries. These tips help make the home environment safer and more comfortable for senior citizens, allowing them to age in place without worrying about their safety.

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