In nature, mold contributes to the breakdown of organic materials, but mold is a nuisance for many homeowners. In houses, mold causes staining, damages building materials, and may lead to allergic reactions in your family members. Be aware of these signs of mold growth in a home to keep your living spaces healthy and safe.

Common Signs of Mold Growth

A Musty Odor

For some homeowners, the first sign of mold is a musty smell. You may notice this odor in damp areas beneath the kitchen cabinets, under an appliance, or in the bathroom. Areas with moisture sources are more prone to mold growth. If you notice a musty smell, try to find the source of the odor and look for other signs of mold in the home.

Visible Staining

Some types of mold will damage materials in your home, causing permanent stains. Wooden countertops, wooden flooring, drywall, and ceiling materials are prone to stains from mold growth.

You might also notice visible mold growth. Mold may appear in spots, streaks, or patches and can grow in almost any color.

Allergy-Like Symptoms are Signs of Mold Growth

Mold in a home may cause allergy-like symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. If you or your family members experience symptoms while at home, check for other signs of mold.

Peeling Paint or Wallpaper

The same environments that contribute to mold growth can cause your paint or wallpaper to begin to bubble and peel away from the wall. Check the area thoroughly for mold if you notice places where the paint or paper has signs of moisture damage.

While bubbling or peeling wallpaper doesn’t necessarily mean mold is present, it does mean the conditions are right to foster mold development. Inspect the area, find the source of moisture, and make repairs to prevent further damage.

Removing Mold Growth

If you discover mold in your house, clean the area and remove the mold right away. Spores can cause the mold to spread quickly, causing more damage. In the case of large patches of mold, call a mitigation specialist. Mold professionals have the knowledge and skills to remove mold safely without contaminating other areas of your home.

Mold in the home can damage your property, contribute to the deterioration of building materials, and cause health problems. Keep your home healthy and safe by locating the source of the moisture, making repairs, and removing mold growth.

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