A house is a significant investment, and taking care of your property is essential to keep it safe and maintain its value. Knowing how to detect substantial issues with your home is good for catching them early and avoiding more serious and costly damage. Here are five signs of structural problems in a home.

1. Signs of Structural Problems: Cracks in the Walls or Ceiling

One of the most obvious signs of structural problems is cracks in the walls or ceiling. These cracks may be caused by a number of issues, such as the house settling, low-quality building materials, or poor construction. If you notice cracks, especially stair-step cracks, no matter how small, have them inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

2. Doors and Windows Don’t Close Properly

Doors and windows that don’t open or close properly are also signs of structural problems. A poor fit is often due to settling, but it may also be caused by shoddy construction. If you notice that your doors or windows become stuck or open on their own, call a professional to assess the issue.

3. Signs of Structural Problems: Gaps Around Doors and Windows

Another sign of structural damage is gaps around doors and windows. Because these openings are weaker points in the wall, foundation issues are often more apparent around doors and windows. Holes and cracks can occur when the walls shift and settle over time. Talk to a professional to determine the cause if you detect airflow around window and door frames.

4. Uneven Floors

If your floors are uneven, this could also signify structural damage. Uneven floors may be caused by settling or poor construction, but it’s necessary to have them inspected. Walk around your house and note places where the floors seem higher or lower than they should be. Place a marble or other round object on the floor and watch for movement. The ball will roll away on slopped or sagging floors.

5 . Signs of Structural Problems: Sagging Roof

Another sign of structural damage is a sagging roofline. The roof may begin to sag if its structural supports are damaged. Issues also happen when the home’s foundation shifts or the roofing supports sustain water damage. The roofline of your home should be straight. If it is sagging or uneven, call a roofing professional. They will assess the condition of the roof supports and advise you on repairs or a roof replacement.

These are five signs that there may be structural problems in your home. If you notice these issues, don’t ignore them. Be sure to have the house inspected by a professional to determine if there is damage or a significant problem that you’ll need to address. Keep your family safe and protect your investment by making repairs as needed.

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